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Field History
History of the C&MA in Spain
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Field History

Spain is home to just over 45 million people.  This thoroughly modern and  European country was once a powerful nation with one of the largest empires in history, and one of the first global empires.  Over the centuries it has exported its language and culture to entire continents, with 21 countries speaking Spanish today as their primary language.  Steeped in history and proud of its past, contemporary Spain is also a breathtakingly beautiful country and a magnet for tourists.

Nonetheless, and in spite of its remarkable outward beauty, contemporary Spain, like all of Western Europe, is desperately in need of the Gospel.  Behind the facade of imposing cathedrals and vibrant culture, there is a spiritual void and darkness.  Less than 1% of the population are evangelical believers.

The History of the C&MA in Spain is a relatively recent story.  We international workers, together with our partner, the C&MA National Church of Spain, are dedicated to sharing the hope of the Gospel with hurting people.  In the challenging context of Contemporary Christianity, one thing is crystal clear: we definitely need and count on your partnership in the Gospel as we seek to "live the call together."