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Ministry Projects

Ministry in the spiritually hard soil of post-modern Spain requires creativity, as well as sensitivity to the Lord's leading. In recent years our staff has sensed the Lord opening doors and leading us into a variety of ministry projects.

Just a quick glance at the various projects under way will give you an idea of the wide variety of ministry opportunities now open before us.  Some also require short-term workers; feel free to come and help us! Write us and ask for more details. We would be glad to explain the various ways you could partner with us.

We also covet your focused prayers for these specific ministries.  Again, contact us for more details. Many of us have regular e-mail prayer updates we would be glad to send your way.

All these projects are considered "approved specials" which require special financing. The Great Commission Fund*, while it does keep us on the field, cannot cover all these project expenses as well.  They have to be funded through other means. So your prayerful giving to any of these ministries would be a huge blessing to our staff and deeply appreciated.

Many of these projects are also approved by Global Ministries Canada. If you live in Canada you may support our Canadian international workers here in Spain through the Global Advance Fund**.

For additional information about any of these projects, click on the project name. In addition to a brief description, you will see which workers are involved in these projects. Feel free to contact the missionaries who are mentioned by name, or write to the field office

*(This fund supports our the US international workers on our Spain team and Alliance workers all over the world. The Great Commission Fund provides our living allowances, housing costs, MK schooling, and basic ministry budgets. The GCF is a great way to "live the call together"' not only with us here in Spain, but with other workers around the world. To give to the Great Commission Fund click here. Just enter the amount you want to give and click "continue".)

 ** (This fund supports our Canadian international workers on our Spain team and throughout the world.  It is similar in purpose and function to the GCF described above.)